Sunday, October 20, 2013

General Conference is for YOU

During his General Conference talk, Elder Hales gave us every reason to put our whole hearts into teaching the doctrines taught in General Conference to our families!  

He promised that if we add "applying what we learn in General Conference" to our regular routine of family prayer and scripture study, and weekly family home evening, we will gain strength to bless our families for generations!

With his wise counsel ringing in my ears, we are going to continue our General Conference Review Lessons over the next six months.  And we are going to share our adventures here on this blog.  But to do so, I NEED YOUR HELP!

I am currently gathering families and friends from near and far who are willing to teach one of the talks from General Conference to their families, in FHE or another home setting, and return and report to us how it went.

As I started inviting people to participate, I was touched by how different each family situation and make-up was from one another.  I felt the spirit saying, "General Conference is for everyone.  General Conference can bless and strengthen each one of us."

Hopefully, as we hear from families who participate, we will:

1.  discover new ways to teach young children the lessons of Conference (or to teach older children, or no children, or our spouses, or ourselves, etc.)
2.  realize that General Conference is for everyone in every situation, at every point in the road leading us home
3. and understand that studying and teaching these lessons can be an easy, every day part of life.

My sister-in-law Emmalee has agreed to kick off this round of General Conference Review Lessons by sharing what she put together to use with her family, which I will share with you tomorrow!

Are you interested in sharing how your family studies the lessons of General Conference in the coming months??  

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  1. I teach the lesson in RS that's from the latest general conference in my branch so that's a special opportunity to study and share with the sisters how to apply in their life as a woman, wife, and grandmother...

  2. You are such a wonderful example of a righteous mother. Thank you for all your ideas and for reaching out to share the gospel with the world.

  3. Looking forward to getting some great ideas!