Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nothing Short of a Miracle

Two years ago, I had the pleasure of listening to a young prospective missionary from our ward give a most excellent farewell talk in sacrament meeting.  I blogged about it HERE.

This boy, who had struggled with a learning disability, but who put his trust in the Lord and set off to serve a mission with Joseph Smith as his inspiration (Joseph Smith, the boy-prophet, who received very little formal education, but who the Lord made great!)...This boy, this brave Elder from our flock returned home this week, and gave the most amazing talk in Sacrament meeting today.

When I noticed that he was speaking first, I thought, "Oh he's speaking first because he'll probably just speak for like five minutes, and then his Dad will fill in the rest of the time."  Because that's what I remember from his farewell.  He was only able to speak briefly, powerfully because of the spirit, but not at all eloquently.  Not as to public speaking standards anyway.

But today.  Today, I do believe that I witnessed a great miracle.

This boy, who left apprehensive and unsure of himself, but hopeful, returned a great man of God.  A great servant of the Lord.

He bore such a flawless, live, personal, flowing specific testimony--that lasted nearly the entire length of Sacrament meeting.  Not a stutter, not an "um", never a forgotten turn of phrase or scripture reference and without any notes!  What????  I was blown away and at the edge of my seat!

If I didn't know better, I would have seriously called into question whether this was the same person who left our ward two years ago!

He told of the big turn of events about three months into his mission when he questioned whether or not he should even be on a mission, because he felt he was living on the borrowed light of his parents.  

Now, I have to assume that the stress of the challenges that faced him personally out in the mission field, which were probably ten fold what most missionaries face, were also playing a role in this story.  

So, thinking that it would be best for him to leave his mission to find a testimony of his own, this greenish Elder was about to return home when the Spirit told him, "Just stay out a little longer."  

Not, "stay and finish".  Not "do as you're told."  In fact, his mission president was willing to buy him a ticket so he could get home as he wished, but the Holy Ghost simply said, "Elder, just stay out a little longer..."

And that was enough for him.  He was obedient and trusted in his Heavenly Father, enough to "stay a little longer".  And I believe that this small act of obedience and faith on his part to step into the darkness is what allowed the Lord to bring about this great miracle.

The person who stood at the pulpit today was magnificent, stellar, sincere, smart, and a shining example to us of how our lives, put into the hands of the Lord, can be made great.  That weak things can be made strong, and that by small and simple acts of obedience, the Lord can bring about true miracles.

We will be telling the story of Elder Pinchak to our kids for years to come, I'm sure!

And for the record, it was his Dad who spoke for five minutes this time! :)


And if you're wondering this is what his father Trace Pinchak said...He read the following poem that he wrote for and about his son Evan:

As I look back on the past few years
You've shown us all, how to conquer fears

Not long ago we watched, as doctors prepared
young parents we were frightened and scared

The powers of heaven allowed you to stay
A miracle has happened,that's all they could say

trials you faced began to cause great concern
What if he gives up or does not want to learn?

The questions we had you quickly erased
The Gospel you grabbed loved and embraced

Fears of failing never entered your soul
The opportunity  to try, was your only goal

The calling came to serve your Father And his son
A part of your life you would not leave undone

The vineyard you entered with vigor and might
The deceiver arrived with his own plan in sight

Again your trials and all your fears
You had to face for the next two years

With honor and respect the call was served
Clarifying to all why you where preserved

I stand in honor as I have watched you grow
God has his hand on you, this I know

An example of courage and faith you have set
Not allowing there to be one ounce of regret.

The words that fill my heart for you my son
Are full of Love and say: WELL DONE!! WELL DONE!


  1. Eeeee! I love stories like this. Also, yay Little Rock mission! We used to live there :)

  2. what a sweet story. yesterday at church one of the talks was about having the faith to step into the dark...trusting.

  3. What a great success story! I've seen that happen before...maybe not as drastically as that though. Missions really do polish our young people. I can't wait for my kids to go. :)

    1. I know, so exciting to think about!!! Miracles do still happen in this church, every day!

  4. Enoch and Moses come to mind! What a wonderful modern miracle, which proves the Lord does love us and uses the weak to show forth his power. Thanks so much for sharing this. The church will be in good hands in the future.

  5. As I was able to witness it in person too. I so agree. I could of listened to him all day. The spirit was amazing. and he was so motivating to me. To just keep stepping forward with faith and the lord will help our weaknesses and make them strong. I am honored to know such a sweet young adult , who just kept on going " for a bit longer" .
    And also loved the poem his dad wrote for him , what a blessing Evan is to so many , to just keep stepping over the mountain . Look for the miracles and they are shown every day! thanks for the great blog post.

    1. thats all he ever asks us to do, isn't it! It's never easy but always worth it!