Wednesday, October 2, 2013

General Conference Review

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This week at General Conference Book Club, we took the day off to party (aka celebrate two birthdays), eat, and review what we've learned over the last six months of studying the words of our prophets. 

To help us "review" we all took a little "test" in order to see what we could remember and also to open up a discussion that would help us recall the precious truths that were taught last conference.  I think the little open book test really worked great, because we had such a fun discussion.  Once we got over the idea of taking a "test" we all loosened up and just had fun with it!  

(Boooo!  Test,, awesome!!!)

If you'd like to jog your memory a bit, here is the 20 question quiz.  I used all of the Brethren only once, and most of the questions contain at least one clue.  Good luck and remember, it's an OPEN BOOK TEST!:

1.  Who said "don't hyperventilate" and beside His Son, "imperfect people are all God has ever had to work with."?

2.  After President Monson, who was the first speaker and what animal did he tell a creepy story about?

3.  Which apostle said, "Personal Peace is the reward of righteousness?"

4.  This apostle said that there is a single undeviating standard of sexual morality and that by following it we will experience increased love and joy?  After that talk, he received a fist bump from Elder Perry.

5.  President Uchtdorf taught:  With ______, __________ cannot succeed."

6.  Who taught that "obedience to law is liberty?"

7.  What colors did the women wear in the choir?

8.  Without Christ's Redemption, Elder Christofferson said, "we only have a gospel of ________ justice."  He also taught that the greatest service we can perform for others is to bring them to Christ.

9.  Which apostle, with a law background, taught that true followers of Christ are not casual in their commitment to Him?

10.  Elder Nelson asked us to catch the wave of what?

11.  Name three things that Elder Scott promised would help us to create a Christ-centered home.

12.  What fruit (some say vegetable) did Elder Ballard mention and what power did he advise us to use to strengthen our lives, our families, and the church?

13.  What did President Eyring say we could do to draw closer to Christ?

14.  Who did President Monson tell us we need to be "tolerant to, as well as kind to?"

15.  Which Presidency was reorganized during the last General Conference?

16.  At which session did Elder Hales say "The doctrine is sacred and will not change?"

17.  What did Elder Andersen ask us to expect when we participate in missionary work?

18.  What did Sister Wixon say we should do to "reconnect" with our children?

19.  What common household chore did Sister Dalton mention doing in the Conference Center?  And how did it relate to the point of her talk?

20.  What was your favorite/most memorable teaching from the last General Conference and why?

Fantasy General Conference Brackets are now available for this weekend!

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You don't want to miss a thing!! :)


Peace out, friends and good luck with your GC preparations.

After this, I'm just going to chill till the next episode...
I need to rest up for Modern-Prophet Marathon!


  1. A conference book club is a fun idea!

  2. I agree-- what a great group to be a part of! So how did everyone do on the quiz?

    I'm in the midst of re-reading the April talks, too, but I don't know how well I'd do on your quiz. There's some tricky questions there! :-)

    What a blessing it is that we get to hear from real prophets and apostles every six months! It's so wonderful.

    1. The first question is definitely tricky! But whatever, it was fun. When you're doing it together with friends...more brains put together makes the test easier. It was fun!