Sunday, July 1, 2012

Home Again

Just popping in to share a favorite photo taken during our many adventures with family recently.  We had a lovely time at the reunion last week that my sister and her husband did an awesome job planning and executing.  Guy was breaking my heart tonight as he shed some tears over not having a roommate to bunk with --a.k.a. a brother--(he got used to sleeping with his cousins every night!)  Maybe some day, my dear boy...

For now, we are just happy to return to the peace of our own home and the comfort of our own beds.  We'll be staying put for a while...watching our chains growing shorter and shorter.


  1. cousins can become like brothers or sisters. I know because I was an only child!

  2. Very cute pic!


    Have fun...

  3. Very sweet photo and thoughts! I can tell you are enjoying the moments of summer and family.
    Blessings to you!