Thursday, July 26, 2012

Malarkey Walks

About this time on Saturday, we'll be in Aurora, Colorado showing a little love for those still hospitalized after last week's shooting.  

The kids and I had a brief, but meaningful talk about what the spirit was asking us to do today.  I explained that there were people who were hurt, who might be feeling sad, worried, scared, and alone.  

I felt that there was definitely something we could do to let them know that they are not alone, that there are people who they don't even know who are feeling for them.  The children poured their little hearts into love-notes for the shooting victims, and I've been on the phone with hospitals today to figure out where these little gems might do the most good.

If you are interested in sending a little love to those who are still trying to heal, here is an address where you can mail your notes:

Children's Hospital Colorado
Volunteer Office - ATTN: B465
13123 East 16th Ave.
Aurora, CO  80045

One of the volunteer coordinators in that office will make sure your notes are distributed to the patients who are still there.  As of this writing, five of the seven victims originally admitted are still there.  Other area hospitals are treating victims as well.  

Hopefully, our small effort will bring a smile to their faces, just as the spirit brought a smile to mine today.

Well, we're off!

Have a great two weeks! We'll see ya, when we see ya!