Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Lovin'!

My kids and I have been having tons of fun with these sweet cousins who are here visiting us this week.  It's been busy, but all smiles and giggles.  Can't wait to be with them again in July!

For me, it was a rush to get ready for our fun visit with family.  I was in Cleveland last weekend and got to reunite with friends and see my parents, then raced home to celebrate the last half of Father's Day with Steve, then we had our ultrasound on Monday, and I taught a class (four times) at Girl's Camp about avoiding pornography (which I'll write about here...eventually), all before the cousins came on Wednesday.  They are in Palmyra today, and we are due for more big adventures in the coming week.

I hope you guys are all having a wonderful time with family and friends this summer too!
Seize the day!


  1. just returned from a BIG extended family reunion-fun to see all my cousins!

  2. Cousins are one of the best things ever!


  3. Summer + Family = Always a blast! Enjoy your adventures!

  4. The pictures tell the story of happy children. Enjoy the moments of all of the family fun. Do take a moment to breathe once in a while. You do have a lot going on. We are looking forward to our family reunions. There will be the twelve adult children and 31 grandchildren. It might be a bit scary; but we will have fun.