Saturday, July 14, 2012

"A screever's an artist of 'ighest degree..."

It's been a very colorful week...starting with a trip to the crayola factory museum and ending with a night at our town's annual sidewalk chalk festival.

I love festivals that celebrate children...and this one didn't have anything to do with selling us ridiculous toys and junk food.  It was really just us (and some great friends!), chalk, and the open sidewalk.  

Some talented artists made some pretty cool pictures.  I didn't get photos of some of the very best ones, but here is our contribution (a "gumball machine").

And here is the winning entry:

Thanks to our good friends the Gees for coming out to play with us last night!


  1. My sister's brother-in-law is an amazing sidewalk artist.


  2. wow, I'm impressed-lovely lively art!

  3. What a very fun idea. I can see that children would love that activity. The pictures are awesome and I do love the one your children did.

  4. Jocelyn-
    I always enjoy reading your blog. Just found you this last year- and I'm sooo glad I did. My children are mostly grown, but I still am inspired by what you say and do. Just read a little more about you -- and your journalist background this week. thank you for all you do-- and who you are! Keep up the good work. :-)

  5. Jocelyn-- thanks for all you do in your blog. My children are mostly grown (last one is a senor this year), but I really enjoy your testimony and I am always up lifted by you. I just found your blog this year, but sooo glad I did. Your blog along with other LDS bloggers have helped me to find more hope and strength in keeping the gospel fresh in my life. Thanks for all you do. I just recently read a little more about you and your "journalist" background. Awesome. Have a super day!

  6. Thank you, Robin!  I appreciate your comment! :)

  7. It's amazing how a little chalk can bring a sidewalk to life!