Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scripture Seek & Find FHE

FHE:  We're still having it.

Last night, we pulled out the July 2012 Friend and used the scripture "Seek and Ye Shall Find" activity as our lesson.

We were halfway through the opening song when the kids' best friend from across the street rang the doorbell.  We let the children answer the door, and I was curious about what they would say.  I listened closely as Scarlett said, "Sorry, we can't play.  We're having family home evening."  He said, "What's family home evening?"  She said, "We just teach about Sunday."  Oh. "See ya later!"

So we started FHE with Autumn offering her testimony. She stood up and said, "I believe in Jesus. Amen."

Then Scarlett wanted to give "a talk." She stood up on a chair opened her scriptures and expounded about Adam being the first prophet on earth, etc. etc. She really did a great job. Mind you, all of this was impromptu.

FINALLY, we gathered around our Friend magazine and played the seek and find game.  The clues were found in brief scripture verses which we read together. Then the kids had to search the picture for the item mentioned.  Steve rewarded the "finder" with a few M&Ms.

Not to be left out, Guy bore a testimony which sounded a lot like every one of his prayers...and then we were finished.  Gotta love the Friend...what a great/easy FHE resource!  The activity was just at our level and had us searching the scriptures together.  What more could you ask for??

That Good Part has a fun take on the 13th Article of Faith from last night...check it out here.


  1. being fed spiritually-so important!

  2. I love reading your ideas for FHE; and share link with our children. Thanks for all your idea and enjoy all thse moments!

  3. The Friend really is a friend when it comes to finding fun and simple FHE ideas. We love Scarlett's response at the door, too funny! It's great that tyour kids understand the importance of FHE even though playing with friends is fun.

  4. Ooh, this sounds perfect for our own FHE with our five year old. I really need to subscribe to the Friend because downloading it just isn't the same! 

  5. The Friend has saved FHE several times this summer when I've felt to sick to plan something!  I think next week we'll be seeking and finding.  :)

  6. Love it! I believe in Jesus too. Amen!