Thursday, June 7, 2012

What Will the Baby Look Like?


Summer is in full swing around here.

Proof positive:  Summer Journals are back.

(Actually we do "kid writing" every morning...yesterday we wrote and mailed letters.)

Today, I asked the kids to draw a picture of what they think the baby will look like.

Autumn said the baby will look like a princess.

Scarlett said the baby will have blood on her face when she or he comes out.
(She's seen a few episodes of A Baby Story.)

Guy's picture made me laugh.

Guy is hoping for a boy...a very smiley boy, who says "Aaaaaah" and "Yay" and who occasionally has a "stenke dipr".

We are going in for an ultrasound in about 10 days and the kids are coming with us.

In keeping with tradition, we are not finding out the gender of the baby.
(Guy really wants us to find out though...really wants to!)


  1. How exciting!!! I totally missed that you are having a baby. Congratulations!! Little kids are the best. I love the drawings!

  2. I think Guy is big enough to learn how to change a  "stenke dipr"!

  3. I have the most precious baby sampler that my dear MIL made out of needlepoint from just such drawings as you have here!  Such a precious reminder of how my 'boys' felt about the new comer to our family!  They are all grown men now, and it is still so fun to look at that and remember their excitement over 'another' baby boy!

  4. That is so fun.  We didn't find out what we were having for the first 5 kids.  It was so fun after 4 boys to finally get a girl.  When the doctor said it was a girl I didn't believe him, but sure enough he was right.  :)  When it came to baby number 6 we had all the kids with us.  They were so excited and it was plain as day that it was a boy, so we let the ultrasound tech tell the kids what we were having.  It was really fun!
    I am excited for your family!

  5. It's fun to be surprised, despite modern technology!

    I love the kids' pics, and the idea behind them.


  6. I love that you aren't finding out the gender! I want to do that sometime. I've just "known" with my first 3, but I'd love to be surprised some time. Great pictures by the kids.

  7. I didn't know you are pregnant! Congrats! I put together something I think your readers may be interested in. It's called the "I Love My Spouse" project. You can check it out at
    Hope you're feeling well!