Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family Prayer FHE

Steve taught us about the purpose of family prayer last night during FHE.

He told a story he found in lesson #18 of the FHERB about how family prayer helped some children think of ways they could help another child who was having a lot of anxiety about riding the school bus.  Then we put together a little puzzled to build a bridge.  But one piece was missing.  It was the keystone of the arch on the bridge.

Steve explained that the keystone of family unity is family prayer...It is important to the success of the entire structure and it is important to pray for each other, because it helps us to know how we can serve one another.

Read all about That Good Part's FHE from last night here.

In other news: Man! It's tough to keep up a good schedule!  It is just so easy to get behind on things...like right now, I really should be directing the cleaning going on in the playroom, and get ready for the day, so I must run!  Have a great day, everyone!


  1. I love your family home evening ideas. Blessing you for your faithfullness in everyway. I love your stories and pictures.

  2. hey your comments are back, hurrah! I've been reading loyally and enjoying your progress into a productive fun summer!

  3. Love the visual aid! Prayer is such an important lesson and it's never to young to get kids started. We talked about prayer on our blog today too. Although ours is a little more tongue in cheek...lol.

  4. Jocelyn ChristensenThursday, June 14, 2012

    Ha ha, I about died watching that video...shared it on my fb page, but I couldn't leave a comment on your site for some reason.  I think Disqus is being lame!

  5. Boo Disqus! Lol. Thanks for the share!