Monday, June 11, 2012

The Help

I am really enjoying having my kids home with me!  Ok, fine, it's only been a week, and I did have to break down and purchase a pool pass to keep everyone happy, however, they have been so helpful...doing chores and stuff.  My husband actually thanked me for keeping the house clean last week...there has been a noticeable difference.  I love having so much help around the house.   They love to do their "jobs" and it helps to be able to say, "We can't go to the pool unless you do X, Y, and Z."  The house gets clean really quickly that way.

I love this photo of Autumn (age 3) vacuuming the living room in her swimsuit.  I was impressed that she could vacuum the rug completely, wrap up the cord, and put it away in the closet pretty much all by herself.  I had to show her how to wrap the cord.

This same day, Scarlett's morning job was to cut off the dead iris stems and throw them away.  I often give them the little odd jobs that I can't seem to find time to complete, but I also expect them to come up with jobs by themselves.  (INITIATIVE, people!)

Guy and Scarlett are pretty proficient at making lunch for all of us.  And I am happy when we waltz off to the pool with dinner in the crockpot and a clean house to come home to.

We have so  much to do to get ready for our much-anticipated visit from Steve's brother Evan and my SIL Somer (who we just love!) and then we're off for my family's reunion at my sister Cara's house in Indiana, which Scarlett has been talking about (non-stop) for months.

The kids have another added incentive for doing their chores.  They will eventually get spending money for our family vacations based on how well they fulfill their jobs at home, and we are keeping track by putting stickers on a chore chart.  Their jobs are pretty similar to last year with a few additions.  The "jobs" are:  get ready in the morning (which includes making beds, getting dressed, grooming and tidying up their rooms), do their AM chore, kid writing (with me), exercise (of some kind, usually the pool or ride bikes), quiet time (for mommy's sake!), PM chore, one EXTRA chore of their choice, and go to bed (without a fuss!)

I love how much fun we can have together when everyone is "happy in their work."  (from the Best Movie Ever.)  Hopefully I'm more of a Lt. Colonel Nicholson than a Colonel Saito, because our home certainly feels like paradise right now and not a work camp!


  1. Ok, what movie? I can't figure it out...Also, are we supposed to clip the dead iris stems? Does that help them bloom again the same season or rebloom the next year??

  2. Jocelyn ChristensenMonday, June 11, 2012

    I'm not sure if you're "supposed" to but I don't like looking at the dead stuff.  In the fall we'll be tearing out some of the irises to thin them're welcome to some if you'd like! 

  3. Jocelyn ChristensenMonday, June 11, 2012

    Oh yeah...the best movie ever that I was referring to is The Bridge on the River Kwai...

  4. What a fun system you have set up! I haven't figured out a good system at my house yet and it's driving me nuts. I love the swimsuit vacuuming.

  5. Your kids are great, and I have a feeling your summer is heading the same direction...


  6. Jocelyn ChristensenMonday, June 11, 2012

    It's done well for us for one week...I keep thinking posting this is going to jinx us and all hell will break loose this week...but let's just hope it doesn't! ;)

  7. Oh what great chores for the kids to do.  Oh- and coming home to a clean house and dinner complete- that's a dream come true!!!


  8. When we're helping we're happy! Your kiddos are such great helpers, love the pics!

  9. There are going to be some big changes at my house this week chore charts for the first time etc. My daughter is going to be in first grade in August and I have decided to do our reading hour etc. at the same time as she will have to do homework when school starts so there is no big change to her routine, hopefully it works. Cute pics it's good to capture them doing those day to day things. 

  10. yes, this is why we have children..slaves. I mean indentured servants.  Oh train them.  hahahah..I think the first is correct. but beware. they grow up and go away and then you are left to do it all yourself

  11. Clausen pickles are the best. ;)