Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Mormons Smile So Much.

I recently had a conversation with an old high school friend.
This is part of what I shared with him, and since I have read elsewhere that people wonder why their Mormon friends "seem so happy all the time" I thought I'd share here what I said to my friend the other day:

I feel pain and sorrow when I sin...and that teaches me what Jesus Christ took on for me in the Garden.

I didn't know PERSONALLY in high school as much as I do now.
Now I can say beyond any doubt that I KNOW JESUS CHRIST is real.
It took going through hard times to know that.
Like, I know that the person Jesus is real. I have felt his presence in my darkest hour. He has never made me walk alone.
Being a Latter-day Saint and following its strict rules kept me from making major mistakes in my early life.
Because I wasn't bogged down by addiction, heartache, or poor choices, I was free to feel the Spirit teaching me about eternal truths.
I was free to be me. Free to feel happy.
Even when going through regular life-stuff.
These are the blessings that LDS people enjoy.
They enjoy light, truth, knowledge, an understanding [to a degree] of the mysteries of God, an understanding of who we really are, and peace.

How about you?
What is it about being a Mormon that makes you smile?


  1. Peace and security in my knowledge of the gospel plan in a very mixed up volatile world...and a prophet to lead us.

  2. Everything you said (all the spiritual aspects), but also the sense of family and community.


  3. Wow where to begin!! I recently worked a few random days through an agency where I ended up having to answer that same question because one of my colleagues knew one other mormon person aside from meeting me and she commented that the mormon she knew had led a really fun and exciting life just like I had (I had just got back from a year living in the Caribbean!) and she wondered why we were so lucky/so happy!!

    For me, I am happy because I have the knowledge that I am a child of God, that he has sent me here for a divine purpose...that I have worth in his eyes. He has great things in store for me and is so willing to bless me if I will live a righteous life. He does pour blessings down upon me and my family that make it hard to ever be unhappy! but that doesn't mean I don't go through hard times...but even in the face of hard times I am happy because I know that what I am facing is just a small moment in time and that no matter what happens in this life - if I lose a job, fall on hard times financially, lose a loved one - I have eternity to look forward to. The time spent on Earth for us is so fleeting that I don't want to waste a second of it worrying or being unhappy! I want to enjoy every minute of it, live life to the fullest - see as much of this beautiful Earth God has created for us, share as much goodness with those around me and be the best person I can be to make my father in Heaven proud!

    Sorry that turned out to be longer than expected! :)

  4. Didn't want this comment to get lost in FB land "Well said! I didn't have the Church teachings in my youth and made just about all the mistakes you can think of. It's a blessing to have found this Church."

  5. Having a forever goal!! Knowing that the things I do count and trying to do my best (most days!!)

  6. The Plan of Happiness is just that! Happiness! Knowing that we are from far greater potential and knowing what we are capable of, as spirits is what brings me happiness. Being able to have the comfort through trials, learning through trials, and growing and becoming a better me spiritually is what brings me joy and makes me smile! No matter what "life" brings me, I KNOW that I can learn and grown and find the joy within. I am sure that is not really specific but it truly is that simple for me so much of the time. What a great post!

  7. For me, there are two things that bring me so much happiness and on a daily basis...The gift of the Holy Ghost, and the Power of the Atonement. I feel so blessed to have them both in my life...I would be lost without them. Knowing how they have blessed me in some of my darkest hours, it makes my heart ache for those who don't have the Holy Ghost or who do not know what our Savior did for us and how it can bless their lives.
    One other thing that brings me such happiness...everyday...my beautiful family! I am so lucky Heavenly Father trusted me enough to give me 6 awesome kids and a best friend!

  8. Besides the spiritual aspects you mentioned, I like the sense of family and community.


  9. You hit it right on the nail. It is all true; this is why we can be happy. We know where we came from, why we are here and where we will be going if we live a righteous life.
    Loved your thoughts and always enjoy reading your posts.

  10. Knowing my family is forever because of the priesthood and the Temple makes me happy.