Friday, January 27, 2012

LDS Lacing Cards

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I pinned this super cute idea for LDS lacing cards on my General Conference Idea board.

And I was all pumped up about it, until I realized there wasn't a nice neat download associated with this pin!  (Booo...)

But that's OK!  I scavenged around to find these cute bits of clip art to make into lacing cards for my kids.  Sunday morning is a long time when church starts at 11am.

I found the images at the following sites:

If you use images from these sites, please use them for your personal use only, or according to their usage terms.

(And please let the rest of us know if you have found other cute free LDS clip art that could be used for lacing cards!)

The kids were pretty intrigued to find these waiting for them at the breakfast table on Sunday morning.  Sunday is a special day.  I like to make it feel special in whatever way I can!

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  1. Would you be willing to help me develop a line of these for High Priest Quorum? The holes would need to be big for older eyes and arthritic fingers, but it might help keep some brethren busy so they won't make as many comments.

  2. You are definitely on to something here...

  3. cute idea. Our church is now at 9 am. So we have to hurry.

  4. Had to chuckle at MMM's comment.


  5. I have been meaning to make a "Sunday box" - we're going to do some BOM stories dress up, too. This gives me some more ideas. I should really do that soon (my 4 year old hates Sunday :( maybe something like this would convert him to the beauty of the sabbath :)

  6. Thanks for the links!  We did this for General Conference but just used photos of the temple!

  7. First of all, your blog looks great.  2nd of all, the only way I could ever be as cool as you is if I get a laminater (sp?) 

  8. I have no idea how to spell laminator...both ways looks wrong... however my loaminator is I'mabout to get less cool....

  9. I love the new look!  I made some of these a few months ago with extra pictures from the Gospel Art Kit, and the little ones have loved them.  They're also good for keeping quiet during Sacrament Meeting.

  10. Latter-daycraftersThursday, February 02, 2012

    Wonderful Ideas!  You are so talented!  I am selling crafts in my store Do you have anything you might like to list for sale?

  11. MelonheadzillustratingMonday, February 06, 2012

    Hi Jocelyn :) Let me know what kind of images you need, and we'll see what I can come up with! xox Nikki

  12. I am unable to find the picture(temple) you use here as a lacing card.  I keep looking at the site you posted but I still can't find it.  Please tell me where I can find it.  Thanks you.

  13. Did you click on the second link listed above?

    I just did and it took me to the image.  When you get to that site (it's a page of Sugardoodle) just click on the temple to enlarge it...copy and paste it or just print directly.

  14. Great idea! I'm going to make these up for Conference :)