Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Night Pop Quiz

I know, it's not fair to spring a pop quiz on you on a Saturday night, but it just might do you some good.  So be brave, put in your thinking caps, and begin:

Name the following priesthood officers who serve you:

The President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: ____________________

__________________, ________________ (bonus points for naming the other two Presidency members)

Members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles ________________, _______________, ______________, __________________, ________________, ________________, ________________,  __________________, _________________, _____________, __________________, ________________

Your stake president ______________________
_____________________, ___________________ (bonus points for naming his counselors)

Your bishop or branch president _______________________

Your home teachers ________________________, ______________________

Who is your immediate priesthood leader? ____________________ 

Now, next to each name that you have listed, write down a principle that that person has taught you in the last year.

This questionnaire is part of the Young Women lesson #13 that I am teaching tomorrow.

In preparation for the lesson, I decided to take the quiz myself, curious to see how I'd do.  The lesson just asks you to name the priesthood officers, I added the bit about writing down their teachings just for fun!  I have to admit though, I had to really strain my brain to come up with all of the names.

But don't worry if you have blanks on your test...It's pretty much open book!

General Conference will be coming around again 69 days actually.

Yep, I'm counting...


  1. Have fun with Young Women they are lucky to have you teaching them...

  2. It's crazy how fast the time is flying by...conference will indeed be here before we know it!

    Good luck with your lesson tomorrow. (I'm sure you won't need it...)


  3. You are awesome. I like the quiz (does that make me a nerd?) but I didn't ace it by any means. :) What order are you doing your lessons in? We are only on lesson 3...

  4. New comment section....

    Hope all went well.

  5. sure does! But I am a gen conf geek if ever there was one...since I actually know how many days until conference! :)  (And I've created a countdown clock! )

  6. I actually didn't get to teach it,because I took a sick baby home after Sacrament Meeting!  But I handed the quiz off to the YW president and she took it from there.  We had to have an abbreviated lesson anyway today because they were getting ready for New Beginnings or something along those lines...