Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Secret Service FHE

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We have a secret.

We are going under-cover during the month of February as part of "The Secret Service!"

During a multi-family FHE last night, we held our annual "Bring Back Summer" Party, ate cool & crunchy tacos, and discussed King Benjamin's sermon in which he taught that "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God." 

 Then we enlisted the children in "The Secret Service." (An idea that I found in a past issue of the Friend!)

We gave each child a notebook (like the ones pictured above), and instructed them to identify someone to serve.  They are to write down that person's name and what they'd like to do to serve them in their notebook.  They'll keep track of their own efforts to serve others during the month of February, as they fulfill their top secret service missions!

I had been chatting with my friend Wendy a few weeks ago about what I'd like our family to do for Service Boot Camp this February, and she suggested that a focus on serving family members could be a worthy goal.  

So, this morning, I instructed the children that our Secret Service mission didn't just extend to friends, but that we would need to also serve people in our home.  We each drew the name of one person in our family to serve each day in February.  Here's the name that I drew:

Shhhh!  She doesn't know!

But I have been doing some recognizance of my own...and I think that she has me too.
(Plus, she "served" me a tray full of gum this morning!)

If you'd like to make similar notebooks and enlist your children in the "Secret Service," I have included a download of the image I used.  Just print it off, and glue it to the front of any notebook. (There are two sizes provided here.)
Secret Service Notebook Graphic

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