Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Isaiah Can Teach Teens

I've been enjoying a blog lately called Scriptorium Blogorium. It's like this insightful woman just decided to take the notes she'd been writing in the margins of her scriptures and post them for all of us to ponder as well.

As I was perusing the site today, I realized that she has quite a gem in the book that she is writing called "Isaiah Insights to Teenage Temptations" and it is everything that the title implies.

She tackles different topics affecting today's teens in each chapter. Some of them are: bullying, peer pressure & friends, the media, chastity, pornography, dating, modesty. She quotes some Isaiah verses that apply to each individual topic and then offers a brief synopsis afterward. It's brilliant, insightful, and could prove to be a powerful tool for teens and parents. Check it out!


  1. Thanks I will. I have 4 teenagers as of today! I need all the help I can get!

  2. good thoughts...I'm happy I survived raising!