Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just For Fun...A Blog Award

So...this post is just for fun, because I have been presented a blog award!
How sweet of my friend over at Surviving A Family of Nine to nominate me!

Part of accepting this award is listing Ten Things that Make Me Happy.

Here goes:
Dinner already cooked
my husband playing with my children
people who keep promises
infectious laughter
old friends
cinnamon-sugar toast
my children in the morning

Here are some blogs that I really enjoy.

I am hereby passing this "award" on to them. Check them out!

My Dad's New Blog: Chez Rabelais

The Damsel's New Old School

Elizabeth at So Wabi Sabi


  1. How awesome to be nominated for an award! I have to say, I love following your blog.

  2. Thanks so much for the award--and on a much needed day too!

  3. Found your blog because Deila at Eve Out of The Garden gave me the -things-that-make-me-happy-blog-award too. Very fun!! I love meeting other blogging mom's.

  4. OK, I just had cinnamon sugar toast this morning! :)

  5. thanks for the award, been on a looong vacation. will blog about it soon.