Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Read Me: The 30 Day Book of Mormon Quest

Last month, I read the Book of Mormon, cover-to-cover, in thirty days.
(Thank you, Marla, for the suggestion!)

I set Easter as my deadline.
I got a little bit behind while my sister was visiting, so I had to read 50 pages a day the last few days to catch up, but it was totally worth it.

Recently, someone questioned me about being a Mormon. I shared with them my testimony of Jesus Christ and explained that my faith in Him is inseparably connected to The Book of Mormon, because The Book of Mormon truly testifies of Jesus Christ. It clearly explains his Mission, the affects of his Sacrifice, and our relationship to him as our Savior.

Because of this, The Book of Mormon actually strengthens my testimony of the Bible. Like the Bible, The Book of Mormon is written by prophets of the Lord who sought to persuade their people to repent and follow the commandments, and to worship his Son, Jesus Christ. Both books are true and compliment each other.

I am who I am, because of the truths found in the Book of Mormon. It has brought me so much happiness and wisdom. It has helped me to understand the world in which we live, and to see how I might safely, and happily, return to my Heavenly Home.

I hope that you will take the time to read The Book of Mormon, and decide for yourself if it is true. If you are a friend of mine and live nearby, I'd be happy to bring a Book of Mormon to you to read. Or if you'd like to order a free copy online, click here.

Do you have 30 Days to read the Book of Mormon?


  1. This year I have been reading 1 chapt. of BOM & 1 chapt. of NT every morning before my 1 hour yoga session. Then I party with a great protein breakfast. Its a good thing.


  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony. An excellent challenge. I think I might just take you up on it!

  3. What a worthy goal! I just hopped over from Famr_4evr's blog and wanted to let you know I love how uplifting your blog is.

  4. This is beautiful. Have you read the bible all the way though? I have read the Book of Mormon all the way through, the D&C, and Pearl of Great Price. The one thing I havent done is the Bible. That is my goal now, finish before October General Conference.

  5. That's a great goal, Kristen! I think I'll join you!

  6. ok I need the trick for that, how did you do it? how many chapters a day did you read to finish in 30 days??? I would love to do it!!!

  7. What a wonderful challenge! I remember reading the BOM in 65 days on my mission. That was how long it took Joesph smith to translate it. It was powerful! To do that we had to read 8 pages a day. So to do it in a month would be roughly 16 pages a day I think?