Friday, April 9, 2010

I Like Spring! I Like Spring!

I like spring! I like spring! I like a kite On a long, long string.

I like the blue Of a bright spring sky, Pink pussy willows, A butterfly.

I like fluffy clouds, The golden sun, White woolly lambs That jump and run.

I like the robins And the songs they sing. I like spring! I like spring!


  1. fun poem and the photos fit perfectly

  2. beautiful...your a great story teller.

  3. I sort of want to shout out a strong "yippie" when the first signs of spring appear as well. I love raspberrie starts and the constant chatter of birds as they begin house hunting for the season. I love the excited expressions on the neighbors children when they run outside without heavy winter clothing encumbering their play. I like the sound of bikes and baseballs bats cracking as they send balls, flying and the "whap" of the balls as they are embraced my a catchers mit.

    It's my second favorite time of year. The best is fall... it feels sort of drowsy to me. It's calming and refreshing all at once.

    Gresat post. I liked it. I liked it!