Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Have I Mentioned that I LOVE CINNAMON?

I am baking my way through my Mom's cookbook "The Dough Also Rises".

I decided to start by baking these cinnamon rolls using my mother's special recipe, one that she received from her beloved friend Linda Zuro.

I have made these before, probably ten years ago or more, but I was totally shocked with how awesome they turned out this time! They were HUGE and so light and fluffy! I did a few things differently from the recipe. I mixed it all in my Bosch, not by hand. I made my own brown sugar, because I was out of it. And after I formed the rolls, I let them rise individually inside my over-sized cupcake pan.

The result was so fabulous, I just had to take some to a friend.
Baking things for people is my favorite kind of service.

Here is the recipe from my Mom's book:

Linda’s Bread Dough Recipe

This is Linda Zuro's recipe. She never used a heavy duty mixer. Always only her hands. The dough is so very soft and pliable. You want to mix it til just barely after the sticky stage. Personally, I don't think anyone but Linda can make ther rolls turn out like hers did...but I keep trying. Sometimes she added half whole wheat flour to half white flour. Still a very light, and airy dinner roll.

2 cups water

2 T. yeast

½ cup sugar for sweet rolls OR 1/8 cup for bread rolls

6 cups flour

¼ cup oil

1 egg

2 t. salt

1. Dissolve yeast in water and sugar. Let sit for 20 minutes til bubbly. Add 3 cups flour. Mix.

2. Add oil, egg, and salt. Add another 3-4 cups flour. Add enough flour to make a soft dough. Mix. Knead and rise for 1 hour.

3. For into dinner rolls or make into cinnamon rolls***

4. Rise a second time

5. Bake 15-20 minutes in 375 degree oven

Depending on the humidity of the day, you may need more or less flour.

***Cinnamon Rolls: roll or pat out dough into a rectangle. Spread with stick margarine that has been softened. Spread with brown sugar to all edges. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Roll up and slice.

For the icing: Mix confectioner’s sugar and little bit of milk at a time until the consistency you desire has been reached…thick enough to spread, NOT thin at all.


  1. I personally think there are few things as delicious as cinnamon rolls....hot bread + sugar?? I mean, really. These looks so amazing. My waistline won't like it - but I've got to try these! Thanks for posting!

  2. Thank you so much! My mouth is watering! I LOVE cinammon rolls. Can't wait to try the recipe!

  3. I always make twice the batch and share with every one!!

  4. Hey, I'm secret! That was my secret sister account! sorry!

  5. ummm...I'll be your friend for a batch of those tasty treats! I LOVE cinnamon and any baked goods too. They look delicious!

  6. this looks sooo sooo good. i'm going to have to try them.

  7. Holy yum. I'm always on the lookout for great recipes - and this looks amazing! (Really - fantastic photo!)

    Thanks for the shout out, lady -

  8. I think I just gained 5 pounds from looking at this picture!

  9. congratulations. and as you know, I only use the bosch to make these...I never was, nor will be, Linda. And I love these but you have to try the same techniques but use Betty Franklin's recipe which calls for the secret.....dry milk. Totally changes and makes them so professional.

  10. I love it when people leave recipes! Thanks! :D