Tuesday, March 16, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

I have signed my son up for preschool starting next school year.
I know he'll do great and he'll love school, I'm just not sure I'm ready yet to send my sweet boy out THERE.
But I'm working on it.

Out of the blue this morning, my son told me that he does not want to go to school.


Because "I am too excited for Home."

What are you excited about?

"Transformers, playing all day at the park, our car that takes us places, and the FOOD!"

Who knew that my food was exciting enough to make my son want to stay home?

How extremely flattering.

I love my kids, but I guess I might need to stop making rainbow cupcakes and such!

These cupcakes were super fun to make and eat.

They went so fast that I was unable to get a good shot of the finished product, so I had to borrow a photo from the site where I got the recipe. They'd be a great way to round out a green St. Pattie's Day meal!

As I think about my apprehensions about sending my son to school for the first time, it makes me wonder: Were we also reluctant to leave the sweet joys and familiarity of our Heavenly Home?

The good news is that after we've learned what we need to in this life, we can return home again, and we can return better than we were before, through the merits of his Son, Jesus Christ.


  1. I never did send my daughter to preschool, partly because I couldn't pay for it and partly because I wasn't ready to let her go. But she LOVES kindergarten.
    But I am going to try and put my son into preschool. He needs it. He is so bored around here.

    I think That is so sweet what your little guy said!

    And the rainbow cupcakes look like fun!!

  2. I wonder about our reluctance to leave, but as a parent it makes my heart ache to think about how hard it must have been for HF to send us "out here!" And how happy He will be when we do come back! :)

  3. kids do grow up and school is important and a challenge for some including moms...

  4. I am sure he will love school. Ethan never went to preschool but that was partly because I wasn't ready to have him gone and partly because we lived a half hour away from preschool at the time living in eastern, NC in a small, small town.

    I love the rainbow cupcakes. Kim Rehl just did a rainbow cake that I thought was really cool too so I need to do a rainbow treat too because they are really neat! My kids would die over them too!

  5. I am sooo with you. I signed Davey up for kindergarten a few weeks ago with a huge lump in my throat. Can't stand the thought. He's been my other half for so many years now.

    And, what are you growing there???? How do you do it?

  6. Have I mentioned that your blog is great? I am also very apprehensive about sending my first born into pre school this fall, we'll get through it!