Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Dough Also Rises

My Mother is the Master Baker.

Growing up, the smell of fresh-baked bread often filled our home.

On St. Patrick's Day she always made green bread,
so in honor of her, I baked this green bread using her recipe.

And let me tell is divine...and already half-gone.

It is so light, I swear it's going to float off the table!

Last year, my Mom wrote a novel called "The Dough Also Rises".
Her book contains all of her BEST bread recipes,
and she has shared this wonderful treasure for all interested bakers.
Click here to access all of her book of recipes.

My kids are also pretty psyched about St. Pattie's Day.

Last Sunday morning, they actually woke up and ran across the street, knocked on my neighbor's door and yelled "Happy Leprechaun Day!"
So, yeah, they've been looking forward to today.

My kids dug out the 4th of July decor to celebrate because they wanted to "have a parade".

However you celebrate, enjoy your St. Patrick's Day!


  1. I love this post. Ethan was SO excited for his party at school today and unfortunately he woke up a little sick so he had to stay home. ;o( I will do a St. Patrick's Day post later on. We have been having fun celebrating this fun day, despite Ethan not feeling well and especially since we have Irish blood in us! ;o)

    I tried to access the link to your Mom's recipes but it said I didn't have access so tell your mom to grant me access please! I would love to have some great new recipes!

  2. why aren't you kind? So glad you continue the leprechaun bread tradition. thanx for the plug about my NaNoWriMo....Maybe I'll make green bread after piano lessons are done

  3. do you know..that first sentence doesn't read quite right. Why (comma and exclamation point) aren't you kind (a bunch of exclamation points)

  4. fun green bread, never tried that...

  5. I just had to tell you that I did try your moms crossaints. They were super yummy. (Time consuming..whew...) They were beautiful and light and airy with just the right amount of crisp! I'm going to try pepperoni rolls next!

  6. The Pepperoni Rolls are the best! I make them often!

  7. Your Mom's book is strangely addicting! I NEED to go to bed, yet I just read 8 or 9 pages! I had to force myself to stop :) She sounds like a cute woman with some great recipes! Can't wait to try a few! Thanks to you and your mom for sharing!