Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Christ-Centered "Egg-Stuffers"

I was gathering Christ-centered items to stuff inside eggs for Easter egg hunts and gifts for little friends, and I remembered this sweet little booklet that was published in the March 2008 Friend Magazine. It's called The Story of Jesus Christ and the illustrations are very nice. Just click on the link to print one out for yourself! I don't know yet if it will actually fit into a plastic egg, but I'm going to get the big ones and give it a try. This booklet is going to a beloved friend of ours, so no egg required.

I also spied these stickers at the dollar store the other week and snatched them up. I just really treasured reading the many names and titles of Jesus Christ. Each one tells us something more about who he is. And stickers are always a fun treat for kids!

In the same Friend magazine as mentioned above, there is another sweet story called "Candy or Kindness" that would be a nice one to read to children before the candy-craziness begins!


  1. I love those dollar stores, its amazing what you can find there. That was a great find.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm so excited!!  As the mother of 4 and the newly called teacher for the CTR 4's, I'm excited to have a website that I can reference for wonderful, interactive lessons that are not only cute and fun, but also hold dear, the message of learning our scriptures and lessons of Jesus and our Heavenly Father.  Thank you!

  3. Thanks for coming around, Jolene! :)