Sunday, March 21, 2010

Resurrection Rolls

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This Easter activity is such an awesome way to talk about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ with young children. My thoughtful friend Kimberly clued me in to this activity, and I'm so glad that she did, because it was a HUGE HIT at family home evening last week.

In addition to teaching about Christ, these rolls were so yummy!! This is definitely going to become part of our family's Easter tradition. We began by looking at Gospel Art Kit pictures of Christ's suffering, death, and burial. Then we headed to the kitchen and made these:

(Each ingredient represents something used to prepare Christ's body for burial.)

-Large marshmallows
-Melted butter (less than 1/2 stick)
-A mixture of cinnamon/sugar (yum!)
-A can of refrigerated crescent rolls (makes 8)

First open the can of crescent rolls and separate into triangles.

This represents the linen used for covering the dead.

Dip and roll one marshmallow (representing Christ's body) into melted butter.
The butter represents the oils used in anointing the dead body.

Then roll the marshmallow in the cinnamon/sugar mixture
The cinnamon/sugar represents the spices used to prepare the body for burial.

Place the marshmallow in the center of one crescent triangle.

Fold the crescent around the marshmallow and pinch the edges tightly together, leaving no openings.

Place the crescent-wrapped marshmallows on a slightly-greased cookie sheet.

Place the tray in the oven (which represents the tomb) and bake according to the package directions. Close the "tomb" tightly and wait...

...when it's time, open the "tomb"....the marshmallow has disappeared!

The marshmallow melts while cooking, leaving only the puffed crescent roll.

This represents how Christ rose from the dead.

All that remained in the tomb were the linen burial wrappings.

When my children opened the "tomb", Guy exclaimed "Oh! Jesus is gone! He raised himself from the dead!!!!"

As you can see from the picture, these baked rolls really do take on the appearance of an empty tomb. It is a very memorable Easter/FHE activity.

P.S. - One Helpful Note: If you peek before the kids open the oven and notice that there is "mallow" still hanging around, let the rolls bake a minute or two more until all of the goo is gone, and then announce that the "three days" are up!

For more ways to create a fun and Christ-centered Easter for your family, check out my 

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  1. do you know these were one of the Pillsbury BakeOff winners from when I was young? My mom first made them.

  2. I'm going to do this tomorrow night for sure. Anything with marshmallows are a hit with my kids!

  3. Hi, I can see that everything is aweson with you and your kids :), i Have been out for some months, so the thing is that i'm Pregnat!! yeap! i'm 12 weeks now, so you know a have been sick ( is normal right??), when i get better I'll be back blogging.
    I'm so happy. Thaks for keeping me in mind.

    see ya!

  4. You are so inspired and such an inspiration to me! Your blog posts are always a joy to find in my email. This is a definite must do activity!!

  5. Great idea!!! We'll definitely have to try that at home. :)

  6. What a neat blog! I love that your blog is LDS centered. Welcome to MMB too!

  7. It was so well done...EXCELLENT lesson...I even learned to view this story through the eyes of a child. Loved it.

  8. We did this last night for FHE. The kids were still talking about it for breakfast. This was a great follow up to our scripture reading of the passover the night before! Super fun ideas! Thanks!

  9. I tried to convince Zach of making the rolls last night, but he didn't understand it, so we're going to make them next Monday night when my mom's here to enjoy it too. I love this idea!
    We did 2 days of Easter last night and we'll do 2 each day til Sunday. I can't get a sacrament cup, so I'll improvise. I saw a tomb someone had made out of rocks/twigs/grass/bark all on a sturdy plate thing. It looked cool. If our symbol isn't the cross, then Christ must be the symbol of our faith.
    Great ideas Joce! Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. This is a wonderful idea! I'm going to share it with my daughter-in-law. Sounds like a great new tradition in the making...


  11. My family did this as our FHE activity last night and it was so much fun. It was very exciting to have my 2 year old involved and being able to teach him about the savior and what he did for us. I didn't leave mine in the oven long enough so there was still a marshmallow in our rolls when they came out. I can see this as becoming a family Easter tradition in our family!. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing your idea. I want to do something more than an easter egg hunt. I really like this idea and am going to try it this year!

  13. I'm adding these to what we're going to be doing this season! I've seen them before, but forgot about them. Thanks for posting!!

  14. I love these!! We used to make these in middle school and I was just thinking about wanting to find the recipe so I could make them with my kids! Thank you!! ;D

  15. PS- This is Lori Frost from Plum Street Prints! :D We're excited to be a part of your Easter celebration!

  16. We just finished making these for our FHE tonight. They were a huge hit here as well. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. Your blog has become one of my regular reads! BTW ... this is Rebecca (Wangsgard) from Langley Ward. I love seeing the photos of you and your cute family!

  17. Easter never tasted SO good!!

  18. Just wanted to let you knowt that I loved this post and have been wanting to do this for years! Literally!
    Thanks for posting!

  19. Fun! Those are super cute. And I bet they are delicious!

    My Soul Delighteth

  20. We did this for family home evening before Easter! Thanks for the cute tute :)

  21. someone else who knowsSaturday, March 10, 2012

     Seriously, are you really comparing the Resurrection of the Savior to a marshmallow? That's borders on blaspheme.

  22. I'm looking forward to doing these again!  

  23. Thank you! We use to make these, but called them marshmallow delights. I love the symbolism to the Ressurrection!