Monday, March 29, 2010

Of the Fish and Honeycomb...He Did Truly Eat

For Family Home Evening, we ate foods that Jesus might have eaten:

wheat bread
dried dates
olive oil/vinegar
dried figs
sea salt
legumes (hummus)

You'll also notice we ate a little salad consisting of green peppers and tomatoes tossed with oil and vinegar and seasoned with sea salt and pepper. I have read that bell peppers and tomatoes were not available in the Middle East during the time of Christ, but it was still pretty yummy!

This post on Sabbath Meals gives a nice rundown on what Christ might have eaten during his life. And the Primary lesson "Jesus Christ Was a Child Like Me" gives some ideas for helping children identify foods that Christ might have eaten and things that he might have done as a child.

We also briefly talked about the Passover feast.
Since The Ten Commandments is one of my son's favorite movies, he was all over that.

 {For more posts on Easter and Family History
check out the #MyForeverFamily challenge page.}


  1. Great post...I love that little giggly one....she is precious.

  2. I have a son that loved that movie too--especially when they say that God parted the waters with a blast of his nostrils! Great ideas for teaching kids. We have done passover with the fam. most fun--

  3. Wow. You are So good. So, so impressed that you do all this!

  4. I really like this idea and can't wait to share with my kiddos!