Monday, February 2, 2009

LDS Jargon: A Key to Understand Mormon Lingo

Latter-day Saints use all kinds of abbreviations and specialized words to refer to the many programs that are part of the church organization.  Here is a list of definitions for these Mormon buzz words:

LDS:  LDS stands for Latter-day Saints.  Our church is called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  In other words, we are members of Christ's church living in the final days before Christ returns.  Although we are referred to as "Latter-day Saints", we do not see ourselves as perfect, nor do we worship saints.  We do, however, strive to conduct ourselves in a way that is becoming of true followers of Christ.  The term "LDS" is used to refer to individual members as well as the church as a whole.  

Brother/Sister ______:  Mormons refer to eachother as brother or sister so-and-so.  For instance, I am Sister Christensen.  It is a term of endearment and a reminder that we are all literal spirit children of our Father in Heaven.

Ward:  A ward is the group of members that meets together each week in a chapel. A ward is lead by a Bishop and his counselors.

Chapel/Ward Building:  A ward building is the place where members of a ward (or multiple wards) meet each week for Sunday and other activities.  The chapel is the main room/meeting area for Sunday worship.  Sometimes the two terms are used interchangeably.

Stakes:  A stake is a large body of members made up of multiple Wards and generally consists of hundreds of members.  A stake is lead by a Stake Presidency and meets in the Stake Center for special meetings.

CTR:  CTR stands for Choose the Right.  It is a phrase that young children learn in Primary.  You might see someone wearing a "CTR" ring, which is a ring that helps to remind them to make good choices.

Primary:  Sunday school for young children which meets every Sunday.

RM:  RM stands for Return Missionary - someone who has successfully served a mission for the church.

MTC:  The Missionary Training Center is where new missionaries learn languages and doctrine to teach while on their mission.

FHE:  FHE stands for Family Home Evening, which is a family gathering held every week on Monday night.  During FHE, a family plays games, learns a lesson, and spends time together.

Seminary:  High school students attend a daily morning scripture study called Seminary.  I went to early morning seminary (starting at 5:20am) for four years in high school.

Institute of Religion:  "Institute" is like a weekly bible study for all members between the ages of 18 and 31.

YSA:  Young Single Adults are members between 18 and 31 years of age who are not married.  They get together often for activities.

Church Dance:  Believe it or not, the church puts on lots and lots of dances.  Every month, generally, there are dances held for high schoolers.  Young single adults also have dances and many other activities.


  1. you could add patriarchal blessing too. I mentioned that on my blog a couple of days ago. we certainly do have our own language...

  2. Yes, I plan to publish other lists as I think of terms! That's a good one, thanks!

  3. Good Job Sister Christensen! I love this post a lot!!