Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Better The Day, The Better The Deed

I have always been a "grandpa's girl!"  My Grandpa would have turned 91 years old today, but he died last year (exactly four years and one day after my Grandma died...what a sweet, romantic, lovely man!)  I miss them both, but I know that I will see them again some day, as surely as I have ever known anything.  

In honor of my Grandpa, I will attempt to do things all day in the same Christ-like manner that he always did them.  This will take some concentration on my part for sure.  But I know that just trying to be a better person will bring a big smile to his face.  I miss that smile.  

My Grandpa's many wonderful qualities stemmed from his desire to pattern his life after the Savior.  His greatest strength was his ability to love others and to see and treat them as Christ would.  

Today is the anniversary of another special day for me.  Nine years ago today I went to the temple for the first time to receive my endowment.  It was neat to take this special step on my Grandpa's birthday with him and the rest of my family by my side.  Temple ordinances make it possible for families to be together forever, and I look forward to the day when I will be reunited with all of my loved ones. 


  1. lovely tribute to your grandpa, i'm sure he's watching over you all...

  2. a lovely tribute, I'm sure he's watching over you all.

  3. Jos, its crazy but I had Grandpa on my mind a lot today. I guess its that sweet spirit he carried all his 91 years. Everytime I go into my guest room and I see Grandpa's blue recliner there, it reminds me of him reading his scriptures as I cleaned the house. I miss doing that for him and I miss my Grandpa so much. I remember how I would set the table really nice for us to have a nice lunch together that I prepared the night before. He would extend his hand for me to hold his hand as he gave the blessing on the food. Those are heart felt memories photographed and embebbed in my heart forever.

  4. Thank you for sharing those memories, Millie! It was so joyful just being around him! Thank you for all the service you did for him and for your friendship! Love you!!!