Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Are You Listening to the Still Small Voice?

I have to confess something:  I have a habit of listening to the radio, watching TV, and surfing the web--all at the same time.  (I also sometimes do all of this while cooking!)  I secretly want a Blackberry, so I can walk around my house and never miss an incoming email!  Right now, I wonder if I need therapy for my tech addiction or if I am just normal?

My obsession with these modern technologies is more than just tech-envy.  I really just love to be connected to people.  Obviously, this is the perfect time in the history of the world for me to be alive!

As much as I love the access these inventions give me to the rest of the world, I try to make time each day to shut out the voices of the world, in order to more clearly hear the promptings of the Holy Ghost in my life.

When we pray, read the scriptures, and follow the Lord's commandments, we can expect to feel the quiet promptings of this third member of the Godhead guiding us in our daily lives...but only if we are willing to take the time to listen.  

The Holy Ghost prompts us in many different ways.  He speaks by a still small voice to both heart and mind.  He witnesses of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  He can warn us of danger, confirm the rightness of a personal decision, bring all things to our remembrance, and teach us of gospel truths.  I'd like to see a Blackberry do that...

For further reading on the role of the Holy Ghost in receiving personal revelation for your life, check out these articles:

We Are Not Alone: "This Church is a Church of revelation. Our challenge is not one of getting the Lord to speak to us. Our problem is hearing what He has to say. He has promised, “As often as thou hast inquired thou hast received instruction of my Spirit” (D&C 6:14)...Our ability to hear spiritually is linked to our willingness to work at it."

The third member of the Godhead, His character and mission as teacher, testifier, revelator, and companion.


  1. good reminder to listen. I've had inspiring thoughts and answers come while frying hamburger. I admire your determination to stay connected with the outside world while home fulltime with the little ones. But watching ty, cooking, listening to the radio and whatever the third thing was...sounds like a little much. A blackberry? I just got an IPOD for Christmas to listen to while walking but haven't used it because I enjoy the thinking and ideas that come when I'm outside breathing in the fresh air. enjoy each day-it's an adventure. Aunt Lin

  2. Yeah it can be...I guess I'm programmed a bit differently from working in TV news (think police scanners, TVs, radios, phones in the background of my work environment!)