Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Believe In Christ.

I am often amazed at how quickly the Holy Spirit enters a gathering when lots of tiny children are present.  We attended the baptism of our friend Emily today, and as best I could count there were 35 children looking on.  As soon as we started singing the opening hymn, I felt the spirit touching my heart--telling me that the words we were singing  about baptism were true.  

In that moment, I was reminded of another time when the spirit testified to me of the truth of the words I was singing.  I was about twelve years old, and I was attending Girl's Camp (a church summer camp for girls ages 12-18).  At the end of our opening meeting, all of the young women at camp sang a hymn called "I Believe In Christ".

As I raised my voice in harmony with the other girls, I wondered to myself, "Do I really believe in Christ?"  

I let that question dangle out there for a minute or two.  Although I was in a room full of my peers, I felt completely alone with my thoughts, and therefore, I felt that I could be totally honest with myself.  If my answer was ,"no, not really," I could accept that and then decide where I would go from there.  But that was not the answer that came.

As I continued to sing the words of the song, the Spirit came suddenly, almost forcefully yet peacefully, testifying in the stillness of my heart that what I had long hoped was true about Jesus Christ was in fact true.  I realized then that I really did believe in Jesus Christ.  

I was moved to tears by this realization, which surprised me, because I had just been laughing and joking around moments earlier.  That feeling of confirmation was so strong,  that I have never forgotten it.  It was an experience that planted within me the desire to know my Savior, Jesus Christ personally.


  1. beautiful post relating how you received and felt the spirit bear testimony.

  2. Excellent. It is a joy to hear those sweet spirits singing with you. Those are the moments my heart takes a picture...forever lasting.