Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun With Food Storage

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches its members to prepare for emergencies by storing food, saving money, getting out of debt, growing a garden, learning survival skills, and gathering emergency 72-hour survival kits for each family member.  Becoming self-sufficient is always the goal, so that if we lose a job or if there is an interruption in the US food supply, we will have what we need and then some to share with neighbors.

I am currently working on my three-month food supply, and I found this wonderful site that makes starting a food storage plan for your family pretty simple.

They just updated this nifty tool for calculating how much your family needs for a three-month supply.  All you do is enter meals/ingredients for one month of meals, and the excel spreadsheet that they have created tallies up the totals and creates a shopping list for you.  It's very efficient.

And if you are interested in building a one-year supply of food for your family within one year, you might want to sign up for their email check-list that keeps you on track to reach that goal.

The church also has a website dedicated to helping people meet their goals of self-sufficiency.  It's  www.providentliving.org


  1. will check out this new food storage site-something all of us need to do regardless of religious affiliation.

  2. WOW! I had missed this website sooo much...didn't have internet connection in our area for almost a week[yup! can't believe i survived it...hahaha]

    and speaking of food storage, my husband and I are also working on our 3-month food storage...kind of fun though...we go out to shop every other week and we were wondering what our neighbors think of us b/c everytime we go out they see us coming back with loads of groceries...haha...thanks for the website...you are always so helpful and that's what i admire about you...you truly are inspiring...much love: CHERRY!!