Tuesday, April 20, 2021

They Are Closer Than We Know


I shared a video on my FB page this week where these sister missionaries were talking about how they felt their ancestors watching over them during an experience that they had on their missions.

I testified that I know that our ancestors can help us and are near us helping us through hard things.

Later that day, my kids begged me to take them to this little candy store in the next town over, so I obliged (since it's on the way to the nursery and I wanted to look at plants!)

When we walked inside, I saw multiple things that reminded me of my grandma and great-grandmother.

The first thing we saw when we walked in was a display with my Great-Grandma's last name on it "Holman".

And then we saw a bunch of candy buttons which my grandma often gave to us in bags of candy she would make up for us.

I felt in that moment that my ancestors were sending me a little nudge from beyond that what I had testified of earlier was true and that they really are beside me...even when I am too busy, too stressed, or too sad to recognize their help.  They are there for me.  And I am so grateful for this knowledge.


  1. Fun to know our families on both sides are still connected...

  2. Thank you for your reassurances of one of my greatest sources of strength in hard times.