Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dear Self...


This girl does something really funny...she writes letters to herself.

She's been doing it for a while now. I think it is something that she started during the pandemic.

She is writing these letters to read when she is away at college...over 4 years from now!

It's really, really sweet though.  The envelopes say things like "open when you're sad and miss home", "open on your birthday", "open on October 10th", "open when you think  you've found 'the one'". ETC!

She has read some of them to me.  And I'm telling you it's so sweet. She encourages herself, reminds herself that we love her, and gives herself good advice.

With letters like these I don't think she even needs me really! Yet some of these letters end with "PS - Call Mom" and "PS - Call Granny".

Today, she turned to me and said, "Mom, I wrote you a letter....but I'll send it to you in 5 years."

Typical Scarlett.

Maybe you've got a girl in your life looking for a goal to apply herself to....this might be a good one...


  1. good advice for us who are still girls at heart to write to ourselves-really that's what journals are all about and fascinating to reread old journals and see how we've developed!

  2. Good daughters really make the world go round, don’t they?! This girl of yours sounds like a real gem! I am so grateful I’ve got a wonderful daughter too! One night we were going around asking each family member to name something nice about each other family member; this daughter of mine answered “Everything!” to “What’s your favorite thing about Mommy?”