Monday, April 5, 2021

The Greatness of General Conference


This was an absolutely amazing General Conference for me.  The messages seemed so simple and spot-on and timely and streamlined.

I was simpler too in how I approached it.  I didn't print out any packets.  I made extremely simple meals or we ate out.  I didn't even ask many questions beforehand.  I just came with an open heart and mind.

With the last 12 months being extremely challenging for me, I just came to listen.  And I received all the healing words with an open heart.  And it was just so nice and sweet and calming.

Probably my favorite aspect of the Conference was the international flair on Sunday morning!  I felt that the Lord must've been extremely pleased with the way so many of his children were included and represented.  It felt so right, so much more down-to-earth and natural.  I felt myself getting emotional during each choir performance on Sunday morning.  I guess because the smaller choirs are more like what I've experienced in church than the big professional choirs....just a few voices who sing from their testimonies touches me much more.

The one activity that I did have for my kids was a pack of Wikki Stix...which are waxy sticks you can bend to create things (and take apart to make new things later).  Honor created this "girl in prayer" which I thought was really sweet.  It kept the kids hands busy while they listened.  And that's basically all we had extra to do.


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