Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Reaching Out in Love to Youth

The girls had a special visit last evening from a dear lady at church named Sue Ellis.

Sue conducts the music during Sacrament meeting and each year she takes a few youth aside and teaches them all she has learned about leading music and then has them help her lead a few songs each week.

She has picked my girls to do this.

I was really touched as I sat in on their lesson. She not only taught them the mechanics of conducting music, but she ministered to them and emphasized parts of the gospel.

I was so grateful for her energy and kindness in reaching out to my girls, drawing them in, and giving them a job to do. Her encouragement means a lot to me as their mother.

I just wanted to spotlight her and people like her in the Church who reach out to other generations and pass their wisdom on to them.  Thank you!!!


  1. How great that your girls were receptive to her teaching and ministering. I offered to teach some girls how to lead and they looked at me like I was criticizing their ability. So I had to sit through two years of the pianist leading the chorister (rather than the other way around). So uncomfortable. You have taught your children well to give service as well as receive service. Good job Mom.

  2. how sweet, we each can do this to others we come in contact with...

  3. That's very cool! I never learned to conduct music, but I wish I had. I could have used a Sis. Ellis when I was younger!