Tuesday, January 16, 2018

To Know, Know, Know Him...

We're getting lots of snow over here in Western Pennsylvania, so part of my efforts to cultivate a feeling of #hygge today was to watch the snowfall, while holding my baby, and listening to the announcement that President Nelson has been ordained and set apart as the new prophet and President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I remember when President Hinckley passed, I was so sad and wondered how different things would be without this vibrant leader.  I remember watching President Monson talking at a similar media event announcing that he had taken the mantel and thinking, ok, but he's no President Hinckley.

You see, I didn't KNOW President Monson, like I had come to know President Hinckley, so my acceptance of him at first was more obligatory than out of truly knowing and loving him as God's chosen leader...at least not right away.

Not long after he became prophet, however, I was asked to teach a Relief Society lesson about the first talk President Monson gave in General Conference after becoming the prophet called "Looking Back and Moving Forward."

Preparing for this lesson gave me a chance to learn about President Monson and to really consider him for the first time. I realized that his talk was something of an inaugural address in which he laid out a roadmap for what the things he felt impressed to touch on often in his ministry as president and prophet of the church.  

As I studied his talk in preparation to teach it to my fellow ward sisters, I offered a sincere prayer asking Heavenly Father to help me to know that President Monson was his chosen leader of the church at this time.  Of course, we know how leaders are chosen by the Lord way in advance, but I wanted that witness for myself.  And I got it.

As I carefully considered his teachings in a purposeful way, the spirit came over me in a strong but brief moment and in that moment I suddenly knew that President Monson was God's chosen servant, that I could trust him, and that I wouldn't go wrong by following his counsel.  He was the one.

I am so glad that I took that time to ask God to tell me who this man really was, because over his years as prophet I have gained so much wisdom and strength by studying and living by his teachings in my life.  

And our family has gained so much in studying the words of all of the Apostles and general authorities, so much so that this time around I already know President Nelson and what he teaches.  I already have a love for him, because I have already been blessed by following his counsel.  I know he is the one God wants to lead the church right now.  However, I will review what he has already said and I will encourage my children to pray for their own witness of this man and to pray FOR him as he takes on this huge responsibility for which he has been preparin his entire life.

For now, I'm going to share here some of my favorite lessons we've done as a family based on the General Conference teachings of President Nelson in recent years.  I plan on reviewing them with my children at our next Family Home Evening. (Read them by clicking on the links below...)


  1. I have a special place in my heart for President Nelson. He came to preside at a special stake conference this past August. I was part of our stake choir to provide a musical number, so I had a good view of him throughout the meeting. As the choir sang, he was on his knees, almost like a little child turns around to color on their pew or chair, to watch us. The look of joy on his face was priceless. He asked all the Primary children to stand and sing "I Am A Child of God" with him. I have told my two youngest how privileged they are to have been able to sing with a prophet. At the conclusion of the meeting when he could have just waved and walked out, he took a moment to personally thank the choir director and stood behind her, encircling her in his arms, to stand the choir up to thank us for the lovely music. It was a group interaction, but it felt personal. I didn't really know President Nelson before this meeting, but now I love and honor him as I have had the privilege to feel his spirit and see him in person.

    1. Oh that is so cool! Any chance I have to meet a visiting authority I take it. It helps me build a "relationship" with that person which helps build my testimony of God's leaders! Thanks for sharing! I can just see him kneeling down like that. Must've been surprising to see!

  2. I totally feel the same way about President Nelson. I don't know much about him, and I don't mean that in a way that I'm not supportive or excited just that I've got some learning to do! I really liked this post :)

  3. I'm looking forward to following his leadership, what strength he has for his age...