Thursday, January 25, 2018

Cultivating a Still Small Voice in Our Home

This week, we started a little motivational program to get our family to use softer voices and to be more patient with one another. 

I have been noticing that my 5-year old in particular needed help with this (although really we all needed help with it.  She just happened to be the one I identified as being most maliable.

A friend of mine had shown on Facebook how she awarded her children points for positive behaviors, such as being kind, etc. and that sparked an idea for me.

I told Honor that for every time that she resolves conflict without raising her voice or getting upset, she gets to put a pom-pom in the jar.  When the jar is full, she gets a reward.

So far, this has helped both her and me to remember in the heat of the moment to calm down, speak softly, be patient with others, or to start again and apologize if needed, so that situations suddenly have a much more agreeable outcome.

I have noticed that it causes me to seek out and accentuate the good things that all of my children do each day, which is helping me to appreciate each of them and the good things they are and do even more.  And although she hasn't filled up her little jar all the way yet, it has made a pleasant difference in our home.  I like where this is going...

Have you ever instituted a similar plan?  How did it go?

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  1. I'm retired and alone but find that writing daily in my journal helps me focus better each day by releasing negative thoughts and focusing on my important goals and attitudes i want to develop.