Monday, January 29, 2018

Counting the Days Until Spring

We've got a love of paper chains over here that's been going on for years.  Whenever we need motivation or a countdown to something, I usually make a paper chain.

The other day, I was feeling grateful about something as I was driving down the road, so I decided to voice that thing I was grateful for.  I said, "Do you guys know what I'm super grateful for right now?  I'm grateful that's it's January 2018 and not January 2017!!"  That might sound like a negative comment, but it truly was a joyful one.  We got past last year.  If it were this time last year, I'd still have a long row to hoe, so to speak.

Last week, we also experienced an awesome stretch of Spring-like weather.  We all got new life breathed into us, but it was confusing for my little ones who thought Spring had truly come.

I realized we might need a little countdown to Spring to give us some perspective and give us something to celebrate each day until good weather returns to stay.

So, on this incarnation of our countdown paper chain I have written something to celebrate each day.  The other night Steve and I got to go see Wicked for the first time, so that's what I had written on that link of the paper chain.  This Thursday, we're all going to the dentist together, so that's what Thursday's chain looks like.  Mondays have our plans for Family Home Evening.  On the other days where we don't have big family happenings going on, I searched for those quirky holidays that you always hear radio djs pronouncing across the airwaves.  

Here are some that I've included on our paper chain, because they sounded like fun things to celebrate:

Compliment Day - 23
Opposite Day - Jan 24 (The kids really got into this one!)
Chocolate Cake Day - Jan 25 (Yum!)
Bubblewrap Appreciation Day - Jan 29
Bubblegum Day/Groundhog Day - Feb 2
Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day - Feb 3
Thank a Mailman Day - Feb 4
Chopsticks Day - Feb 6
Send a Card to a Friend Day - Feb 7
Make a Friend Day - Feb 11
Valentine's Day - Feb 14
Do a Grouch a Favor Day - Feb 16
Random Act of Kindness Day - Feb 17
Tortilla Chip Day - Feb 24
Tell a Fairytale Day - Feb 26
Peanut Butter-lovers Day - March 1
"Old Stuff Day"/Do something differently Day - March 2
Popcorn Lover's Day - March 8
Middle Name Pride Day - March 10 (Looking forward to it!)
Johnny Appleseed Day - March 11
Plant a Flower Day - March 12
Learn About Butterflies Day - March 14
St. Patrick's Day - March 17
Earth Day - March 20
SPRING - March 21

Ok, just wanted to share this fun thing we're doing and maybe it'll spark an idea in you to help us all get through the "long part" of winter!  There are lots of simple ways to celebrate these quirky off-holidays!  Happy Monday!

Coy Boone - 3 Months young tomorrow!!


  1. This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I always have some trouble getting cheerfully through winter and this will help! :)

  2. fun list and good idea. Darling baby...on to spring!

  3. Great idea Jocelyn! And it was so fun to see your eclipse post on the Power of Moms yesterday!

    1. Oh thanks for the reminder! I need to check that out! We're you the one who told me to send in that post? I can't remember! If so, double-thanks!