Monday, January 15, 2018

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

I had a proud Mama moment last week when a friend of mine told me that my 5-year old daughter has been sharing gospel truths with her during their rides in the car to preschool each day.  

Our children attend a Christian preschool together, and it's fun to hear them retell the Bible stories they learn, so I figured my friend was going to tell me a cute story along these lines.  But instead, she told me that Honor often points to a cemetery that they pass and says, "Do you know that after we die, we will get to live in bodies again?"

My friend had a lot of questions for me about this.  She asked, "What does that mean?  Will we have a dog body or something?"

I assured her that because Christ was resurrected and lives in a body, (we know this because he ate and drank to demonstrate this) we will live in our own immortal bodies after this life too.  We will also get the opportunity to live forever with our families.

My friend thought this teaching about resurrection sounded familiar and affirmed that she believed she would live with her family forever some day.  I said that in my experience many people do believe this, but most churches don't actually teach this, however, ours does.

I am grateful for the faith of little children.  And I am grateful to Honor for reminding me how easy it can be to share gospel truths with others when we simply and unabashedly share what we know in our daily conversations.


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