Friday, March 27, 2015

A Very Merry UN-birthday to ME!

Earlier this year, I mentioned that my sister had given me a very special UN-birthday present with the instructions to only open it when I was having a gloomy, rotten day.  I loved the sentiment, but I vowed not to open it all year...and thus never give in to having a "bad day."

Well, yesterday, after a "no good, very bad" day, I cried Uncle, and this morning, with my children gathered around me, I finally opened the gift.  (For the record, I managed to wait three months before opening my bad day gift.  I think that's pretty good.)

However, had I known what a treasure lay inside I probably would have been tempted to open it much sooner!

I LOVE fortune cookies, and this was just such a sweet and thoughtful, personal gift for my sister to get for me.  I'm very touched.  Thank you, Dawn!!


  1. What a unique and lovely gift. I love the fortunes too. I have missed reading your blog while I have had a blog vacation. I am back and I really loved this one!

  2. You're welcome...I love you much. And the best thing is knowing that your day has improved. And of course, we don't have rely on fortunes to find blessings from on high!

  3. how sweet...I never had siblings, I'm an only child...

  4. It's so shiny and pretty! I can't believe you waited as long as you did. :) I hope you have a good weekend!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday my sweet you.