Saturday, April 4, 2015

Grateful for the Glue

I am so grateful for the glue that General Conference has become for our family.  This week, we had to make a decision about our travel plans which meant we might be away from my husband over General Conference weekend.  My children protested vehemently against this option, because, they said, "General Conference is our family's thing that we do together.  We can't watch it without Daddy!"  We felt this power of unity again today as we heard dissenting voices raised against the prophet.  We looked into each other's eyes and sustained our leaders again and again...and we did it together. ‪#‎TogetherForever‬!

What amazing doctrines we heard taught today on the power and purpose of family!  What a blessing it is to be members of Christ's true church on the earth and to know what we know about God's plan of happiness!  Just feeling so grateful for it all!


  1. I am so grateful for conference and the messages were all so inspiring. Right now my youngest daughter's husband is having a faith crisis and I feel so sad for my sweet daughter and her 4 children that they can't feel just like you. Hugs for your thoughts!

  2. there will always be opposition in all things which can strengthen or weaken us depending on how we react and who we choose to follow....