Monday, March 16, 2015

We will do what we CAN when others are in need...

Well, guys, we are sick as dogs over here and everyone with his or her own malady.

Anywho.  While I am sick with strep throat, I still had to keep the kids occupied on Saturday while Steve tried to stay on schedule with the repairs/remodel of our house, so we can eventually return to a somewhat normal routine at home!  So, while he worked on the chimney, on a rainy Saturday, we did some General Conference lessons.

Next up was Elder Holland's talk "Are we not all beggars?".  We focused on this line, "Rich or poor, we are to "do what we can" when others are in need.  And those needs come in all forms.

I asked Guy to prepare this lesson.  First we listened to the first half of his talk together.  Then Guy showed us his "can" on which he had written "I will do all I can to help people in need by..."  On craft sticks, he had written a few examples of ways they as children can help when others are in need and he encouraged his siblings to do the same.

We placed our sticks in our service idea "can" and Guy told us we can pull one out whenever we are looking for ways to serve.

It was fun to see what the kids would come up with and to write some of my own.  It's usually the smallest gestures that mean the most.  While we've been sick, some friends brought us food and that meant the world to us.  Sometimes we learn the most about service when we are the ones in need.  

I'm impressed that Elder Holland isn't asking us to do anything extraordinary...he is merely asking us to do what we can...that doesn't sound daunting, now does it?  Let's get to work!

You can read more about our General Conference lessons here.

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