Friday, March 6, 2015

Stay in the Boat by Elder Ballard

Attitude really is everything...well, maybe not everything...but probably 95% of everything.

At the beginning of February, our family of six packed some clothes and vacated 90% of our house to live in our master bedroom...all together for a month.

At first it was fun, then it was tough, then it was freezing cold, then it was exciting, relaxing, then it was stressful and chaotic and throw-up-y and exhausting.  And the whole time it was a ton of hard work.  But in the end, it was totally awesome.

That a lot like life right?  Unexpectedly difficult things happen to us, like all the time.  But our attitude really helps us to come through it all in one piece.  And knowing that the Lord has a hand in the details helps us to come through happier and stronger.

On one of those Sundays when we were confined to my bedroom, our family decided to take another look at Elder Ballard's Talk Stay in the Boat and Hold On!

Here are my kids...Oh, they're listening so closely, aren't they?  They really did like the white-water imagery that Elder Ballard showed.  

I knew that this would be a good talk to teach the children because it used such simple imagery that my kids could easily remember.

We used our General Conference Smash Books to create a fun way to review Elder Ballard's recommendations to:

1. Stay in the Boat 
- (Experience a continuous conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and stay focused on the leaders of the Church...our river guides!)

2. Always wear a life preserver 
- (Continuously study the scriptures, words of the apostles, fast and pray.)

3 Hold on with both hands
-Stay focused on these simple things.  Stay focused on the Lord so that you do not become distracted.

As Elder Ballard shares in his talk...we are in the midst of a great storm.  These are the storms of our days...the storms of life.  We need to remember that Christ is at the helm of the Ole Ship Zion.  He leads this church, and, if we let him, He leads our lives. And with him as our Captain, we cannot not fail.

Read more of our General Conference Review Lesson here.

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  1. That is such a great way to learn the truth in the talk!