Thursday, April 11, 2013

We Love Mrs. Wetzel

Scarlett has been so blessed this year to have one of the best teachers in the history of ever.

She is loving.  She is wise.  She pays special attention to each child and understands the mind and heart of children.  She stayed home to raise her own children before going back to work as a Kindergarten teacher, so there are a lot of dynamics that she really understands...especially about the development and needs of children.  She never speaks ill of any child.  All children are special and loved by her.

Every day starts with singing.  Every week ends with "fantastic fun Friday."  Every tiny accomplishment is celebrated.  

I was there volunteering the day that one little girl turned to Mrs. Wetzel and announced that she knew what sound "R" made.  Mrs. Wetzel took the girl by the hand and ran her all around the pod having the girl repeat her brilliant observation for other teachers and adults and exclaiming how smart and wonderful this little one was.  That little girl is probably still beaming from the display of affection.  

In fact, hundreds of students are probably still beaming because they had Mrs. Wetzel at some point prove to them their true worth.  I know this is true, because when Scarlett received her teacher assignment last summer, I mentioned to a recently returned-missionary in our ward who Scarlett had, and he exclaimed, "Mrs. Wetzel?!!!  She is the best!  I had her for third grade, and I will never forget her."

Last week, I noticed that Scarlett wrote "I love you, Mrs. Wetzel." across the front of her folder.  Of course, Mrs. Wetzel responded in kind, saying, "I love you too!"

I am so thankful for a good teacher who is also such a good example of how to love everyone in such a Christ-like way.  I only wish that I could be around her more to soak up her beautiful expressions of love, and her unique wisdom.


  1. Made me cry. Pure goodness always does.


  2. Oh that every child could have Mrs. Wetzel! We need more Mrs. Wetzels in the world!

  3. what a blessing good teachers are...

  4. Bless the heart of that teacher, i hope teachers know how much their genuine love and kindness influence and affect the life of the children around them :)