Saturday, April 6, 2013

Free General Conference Bingo App

It's true.  I've been no friend to the trees the week, as I've printed out General Conference packets times three! (I used "The Ultimate General Conference Packet" found here.)

But this morning, I got an email about a free General Conference Bingo App.  I checked it out.  It's pretty cool.  And doesn't make any noise, so if you haven't gotten your stuff together yet, go here to download this free bingo app to help your children listen to General Conference.  Not as good as, say covering the squares with M&M's...but...the kids'll probably love it still.

Now I have to say, I don't let my kids use iPads and such during church, and probably won't during Conference either, but for those who do I thought you might want this resource.

And, yes, the iPad Mini that I got for Christmas is cracked, and it took me less than 30 days to do so.  Moving on.

Of course, after the first find, I had to see if there were any other neat apps to tell you about.  And I did find two more that I really like.

First, this General Conference Review be updated after this conference.  It's called "Who Said This In Conference?"  You can play games of varying lengths (starting at 1-minute reviews) and you can select the conferences or number of conferences from which you'd like quotes to review.  They give you four speakers to choose from when you answer and give you clues if guess incorrectly.  And after you review the quote you can actually see the whole talk to re-read it.  Very cool.

Now here is one I really liked.  It is this Temple Matching App.  As you uncover the matching temples, you also uncover a "mystery" apostle whose name you must guess!

And last, but not least, there is the FREE LDS Ensign App...Download it and you will receive the Conference editions of the Ensign on your device free to review anytime you'd like!  Sweet!

Have fun watching Conference today!

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  1. Wish we were closer. Evan has gotten really good at fixing cracked iPads. Miss you guys.

    1. ha ha, I bet! I hope we get to see you guys this year...wishing!

  2. It is so amazing all of the fun ideas to help children watch conference. I wish we had more of this when raising children. We generally asked those that were old enough to write down one thought that they had during listening to each speaker.
    Thanks for the link and continue to enjoy the marvelous moments of conference.