Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Apostle Names Worksheet

Still feeling the General Conference buzz.  I hope that you are too.

Try hard not to lose it, ok?

Anyway, during FHE on Monday, we asked the children if they thought they could memorize the names and faces of all of the apostles by the next General Conference.  They thought that was doable.  I also threw in that we'd like them to be able to also "memorize" one teaching of each of those leaders as well...something simple, such as "Elder Perry taught that obedience to God's laws helps us to be free," or "Elder Scott said that children can help their families remember to follow Jesus."

To up the ante, Steve said that if all of us managed to accomplish our goal before the next conference, he would bake a cake that looks like President Monson!  I love being married to a man loving enough to be silly for our children.  I just love him.  I also love cake...and the Prophet.

So, now it's up to us to help teach our children the beautiful truths that we heard this weekend.

The first little learning activity will be here waiting for them when they come home from school.  It's a handwriting worksheet with the names of all of the apostles on it.  If you are interested, you can download the one that I made here or make your own to your own specifications at this same free link.

After they trace the names, they will try to match them to the pictures of each apostle.  We will see how this goes!

On Monday, I was delighted to receive this framed photo of President Monson as a gift.  Autumn was so excited, she squealed, "That's my FAVORITE prophet!!"  

I am excited to help my children get to know all of the prophets/apostles who lead and guide us.  I want them to exclaim with joy when they see and hear each of their names, but even more important, I know that as we write their messages on our hearts, we will increase in happiness together as well!

So, how are you going to help your children learn the lessons of General Conference over the next six months?  I would love to hear your ideas!

(And The Friend would too!)

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  1. My kids learned to identify them with a combination of matching games and The Apostle song you tube video from The Sons of Ammon. Here's the link - so fun to sing!

    1. Just watched that video, Tristan! It's awesome, thanks!

  2. Nice. We must share a brain. :)

  3. I haven't heard/seen the YouTube song mentioned above, but was going to post and share that our Primary Chorister put the names to the tune of 10 Little Indians and the kids (and adults!) are learning them nicely that way.

    1. Oh that is cute...I'll mark that down to try. Today, we'll try GA Bingo! and the review found on Sugardoodle.

  4. I noticed your kids have little school desks...where did you get them. I've always wanted some for my kids but have searched and never found any...except at school. :)
    We'll have to try your tracer pages...good for handwriting practice. We learned the GA with a matching sort of game that we kept on our wall in the kitchen for a long time.

    1. We bought the desks about four years ago now (wow!). Some guy was selling them out of the back of his truck along the roadside one day for $5 each~! They came from a school that had closed down. We lucked out!