Saturday, April 6, 2013

Understand His Plan

One session into General Conference and things are going swimmingly.

I couldn't hear most of Elder Packer's talk or President Eyring's, but thanks to modern technology, I can go back and review what they said...RIGHT NOW!

Amazingly enough, in what little I did manage to hear...I found MANY ANSWERS to my much so, that I thought for sure that GC was scripted just for me! :)

Anyway, here is one thing I set up for our budding writer to use as she listens to conference.  She was instructed to write down the words she heard...using her kindergarten "kid writing" which is basically total disregard for spelling and focus on sounds.

I can see the words: Jesus Christ, calvary, king, ordination, priesthood, the Lord, woman and husband.

As her title implies, by listening to General Conference, even a five-year-old can begin to "understand His plan."


  1. Lovely idea! Just pulled out our white board to do the same. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love her notes. Well done. General Conference was amazing today (as always) and I can't wait for tomorrow!