Monday, March 25, 2013

Windows into Heaven

Just loving every minute that I get to spend with my little ray of sunshine.

There is so much to say some days...and so much going on in the world.

I am just happy to be able to close the door to the outside world...

...and enjoy looking into these eyes, these little portals that look straight into heaven.

In these eyes, everything is new.  Everything is a surprise.  Everything is hopeful and joyful,

...and pure and good.

It is such a privilege to spend my days with these lovely children.

I am thankful that the Lord has seen fit to make me a Mother.

It's still the best job ever...


  1. Oh, that little face!! :)

  2. She looks a lot like you. At least what I can tell from pictures. She is really adorable. I love watching them discover the world. It always reminds me to take things a bit more slowly!

  3. What precious pictures of your sweet little one. I loved them. Enjoy the moments with this new little one and your other dear children; time goes fast.

  4. Thank you for saying exactly what I feel to a world who has lost sight of the joy and nobility that can be found in motherhood. I'm grateful for how uplifted I feel every time I read your blog!

  5. What an absolutely precious face! Being a mother is the greatest and most fulfilling experience! I also loved your In The Zone post. I shared it with someone who was struggling with something similar and it was very helpful to her.

  6. So true. What a happy reminder. I am feeling the joy of motherhood more now that baby boy is 1! The other kids are helpers and I am learning alot about patience from my 3 year old. They are blessings. Trying and wonderful blessings. So great to have such good teachers!

  7. what a cutie, all your children are and such a blessing...

  8. What a nice reminder! I feel equally blessed to be a mother.

  9. It really is. The best job, ever!