Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We've Been EGGED!

Around dinnertime yesterday, we heard a knock at our door.

When we ran out to greet our unexpected visitors, we found only this sign hanging on our front door!!

The kids were so excited, they shrieked and ran into the yard in search of the mysterious eggs!

Whoever did this...YOU ARE PRETTY AWESOME.

AND pretty sneaky.

And just pretty.

What a lovely message and reminder for us to see each day that Easter is coming...and that we have great reason to celebrate, because He IS Risen! (And if you were wondering, Autumn found the empty egg!)

(Pssst...a little birdie told me that you can find this printable HERE!)

PS - The winner of yesterday's CD Giveaway is commenter #8.  Whitney, please email me your mailing address so you can receive your prize!  And thanks everyone for your music suggestions.  Check the comments for more music ideas...and maybe someday soon, I will do a post with more.  Thanks!!