Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stay in Your Zone

As I was driving to our Young Women's activity tonight, I was pondering on the events of that last week.  I had to make some important decisions about how and where to spend my time and efforts.  I had also been seeking answers to questions about how to organize my house and our routine, but I was stretched so thin, that I was having trouble finding the answers that I sought.

Recently, I was asked to help with a worthwhile effort. Initially, I felt duty-bound to support it, but when I agreed to get involved, the Spirit started doing that static thing that it does when I'm about to make a misstep.

Static.  I hate the static.  And it didn't take long for the static to serve its purpose.

As I took a time-out to renew myself (and check in with the Coach!) I received an important bit of guidance that went something like this:  "Stay in your zone."

For anyone reading this who has ever played a team sport, you know that players often have a zone in which they are required to play either by the rules of the sport or by your playbook or by your coach.  If you leave your zone to chase down a ball (or play man-to-man), you leave a big hole in your team's defense.  

As a former basketball player, the spirit was speaking my language.  

His message was, "You can't fight every battle and be on every front all of the time.  But if you know (and stay in) your zone, you can guard it fiercely and be an effective player in the overall plan."

This brought to mind a talk given by my friend Rose a few years ago during our Ward Conference visits with the stake, that had a big effect on me.  

Rose showed us how these last days are like the fourth period of a basketball game, where the score is all tied up.  What does the opposition do??  He calls for a "full-court press."

The purpose of a full-court press is to force the other team to make a mistake by pulling two or more men to guard one player.  This forces players to leave their zones in order to help bring the ball down the court.

In essence, Satan is running a full-court press on those who he sees as his biggest threats--the righteous women and mothers who are doing what they came here to do.  

Our best game plan is to identify the zones that we personally are called to cover, and guard it with all we've got...and don't, under any circumstances, be lured away from our post...even for worthwhile causes.

The YM/YW theme for the year "Stand ye in holy places and be not moved," is incredibly inspired.  

In the game of basketball, one of your last resorts to defend the goal is to set a pick.  The pick can stop someone dead in their tracks and prevent the other team from scoring...but only if you plant your feet and do not move.  How smart of our leaders, then, to advise us to "Stand in holy places and be not moved..."

Following this sound counsel could just be a game-changer.