Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jesus Christ FHE

Last night during FHE, we talked about the Plan of Salvation...and Jesus' Atonement and Resurrection as the central piece of that plan.

We read the scripture references found on this bookmark and made these paper plate tombs (that look a little bit different than they did when we made them two years ago!)

It's fun to see mt kids' interpretation of things.

Like Scarlett's addition of Mary crying outside of the tomb and Jesus calling out, "I'm here."

We talked about many aspects of the plan of happiness last night.  It was a good discussion.  

Earlier in the day, while we drove to an appointment, Guy spotted a bit of graffiti on the side of the road that read, "One Way - Jesus."  He asked me what that meant and why it was there.  I explained that there is only one name given whereby we can return to Heavenly Father, and that is through Jesus Christ.  The person who made the sign was playing off of a "One Way" road sign, and wanted others to know that Jesus is The Way.

During our lesson, I reminded them of the sign.  I also used another familiar device to teach them about Christ.  Guy is highly interested in passwords.  He knows that passwords are the key to unlocking our computers, to gaining access to email and games, etc.

I told Guy that because Jesus is the only name given for us to return to God...Jesus is like The Password.  We pray to God in the name of Christ.  And the Savior is the one who unlocks our passageway through death to eternal life.  His is the name that opens the way to forgiveness and repentance.  His name is a powerful password indeed.

However, unlike a password, we must do more than type in a few letters, we must also do his will.  

Guy must've really taken the lesson to heart, because before the night was over, he started posting these "rules" around the house to help us in our quest, I guess.  Rule #5 (posted above the TV) says, "Listen to Jesus."

Anyway, there was more, but I've got laundry to do, so I've got to get going.

But I had a thought, as I watched this video this morning about the events leading up to Christ's resurrection.

People often wonder why Christ had to die.  As I pondered this thought this morning, I thought of my friend Lynn, a young mother, who has faced breast and brain cancer, who will most likely be called to her heavenly home very soon.  I wonder if she is scared.  I know her husband and children must be.  I wonder how they are making it through each day.

And then I think back to the Savior.  And I realize how true to his character it is that He, our elder brother, would want to come down and lead the way for us, even in death.

I think about how scary and hard it is to walk into the unknown.  

When you are learning to swim and are afraid of water, it is terrifying to try.  How reassuring it is when an older brother or sister, who has already mastered the skill, goes into the water before you, and shows you that there is nothing to fear, that you will soon swim with great ease, and in fact, love the feel of the water around your body...and will soon be splashing around with others who have learned to swim, who are just waiting for you to join them in the deep, blue, expansive, watery world.

This is what the Savior chose to do when he chose to die for us.  It was such a loving thing.  It was so brilliant a plan.  It required faith, even on his part.  And it requires faith on ours.

I am so grateful to know that Jesus is the Christ and to learn something new about him every day.  I know that he lives, and that he is constantly calling out to us, "I am here."

As an update:  My friend Lynn passed into that next life on Easter morning.
You can read about her passing here.


  1. Thanks, Jocelyn. Beautiful, as always. <3

  2. Man, your kids are so cute. I like how you put a little brass bracket in for the rock- great idea :)

  3. I love this. Good job, Jocelyn. Very inspired and inspiring, Thank you for sharing.

  4. I like that...

    Jesus is the password.


  5. fun idea Jesus is our password-I like that...

  6. Hi Jocelyn, this past week I have shared your website with many people for the Easter activities that you have on it. I used the "We've been egged" post and the "twelve days of Easter" post to put together an activity for our eight-and-nine-year-old activity day girls to do. First the girls helped load the dozen eggs with the items about the Savior, and as they did we briefly reviewed the Easter story. Then we went door-to-door doing a Service Scavenger Hunt. At the door where no one was home, we "egged" their house. The girls had so much fun. Thank you for gathering and sharing these wonderful ideas.

    1. Ah that is wonderful and makes me.so happy! I am sure the girls will always remember it!!!